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Our Personalized 
Training Sessions

Face-to-Face Trainings

In-person professional training is hosted at our center. The classes are from 9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m..



The sessions will be a total of 35 hours or 70 hours, from Monday to Friday, from 9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.. Training takes place according to demand.

  Our 70-hour trainings over 10 days

  • Pro Tools in Computer Music

  • 3,470 euros including tax 
    06/05/24 to 17/06/24  

  • Adobe Premiere Pro

  • 2,990 euros including tax

  • ​20/05/24 to 31/05/24

        Adobe Photoshop

          2,900 euros including tax

          10/06/24 to 21/06/24


Our 35-hour trainings over 5 days

  • Adobe Photoshop

  • 1,500 euros including tax

  • ​01/07/24 to 05/07/24

  • Pro Tools

  • 2,500 euros including tax

  • 03/06/24 to 07/06/24

CONTACT US: 06 52 26 97 39
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Headcount :  6 people in-person.
The headcount is restricted to 6 people because it allows a more personalized approach to be taken.
Participant Profile : Anyone wishing to improve their professional/technical skills: musicians, composers, arrangers, beat-makers, sound engineers, technicians, video editors, etc..
Prerequisites : Telephone interview or appointment in order to assess your profile and goals.
Materials : Each participant will work on a 27-inch Mac. The computer will have an RME UFX card or an Apollo Twin, along with a pair of focal monitoring speakers.

Training Room :
The acoustic rooms are treated. 

Our 70-hour trainings over 10 days
 Pro Tools:

Recording and mixing techniques

 Adobe Photoshop:
Create unique images, graphic elements, and illustrations and visual arrangements.

Adobe Premiere Pro:
The ultimate editing app that lets you produce all styles of video quickly. 

Our 35-hour trainings over 5 days

 Adobe Photoshop:                                 

Retouch your photos on a computer or iPad and create unique images, graphic elements, and illustrations.

 Adobe InDesign:

Design exceptional posters, pages, reports, and brochures for print and digital purposes.

Adobe Premiere Pro:

Produce and edit high-quality videos with music and sound effects for movies, TV, and the web.

Community Management, Posting, and Marketing (via social media): 

Marketing is essential to every project. It allows the establishment of a relationship with the public. Marketing is also what promotes the broadcasting of a project to the public. Thus, marketing becomes an essential tool in the final stage of a project in order to promote and share it. 

Filming Techniques:

Creating an audiovisual project transforms an idea into images with meaning and expression regardless of the medium (fictional projects, documentary, or report-style videos). This kind of work requires a creator to understand how to work in a team, take hold of their subject, and direct it.

Pro Tools:

Pro Tools is the world standard for music creation. Irreplaceable and unmatched, this audio production platform is the most popular for the creation and mixing of high-quality music compositions.


Do you need funding for training?

Regardless of your professional situation, many financing plans can help you participate in our training sessions.

Professional Training  


Where is the training?

The in-person trainings are in Paris at 97 Rue des Orteaux 75020 

Métro Porte de Montreuil

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01 42 77 39 42


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